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Colour Crush™ Lipsticks

A whole lot, actually. Call it armour. Call it war paint. Call it just the confidence boost you needed.

Read our lips: this creamy, moisturising lipstick is ready to make a statement.

Whether it’s a natural nude, a bold red or a powerful pink,

our Colour Crush™ Lipsticks will give you some juicy colour that lasts all day.

But wait… we are just getting to the good bit.

Every single shade in this collection is enriched with marula oil.

That means with every swipe of this lipstick you’re keeping your kisser feeling plump and hydrated.

Bonus: its rose scent smells just as good as it feels.

Stand out with our favourite shades: crimson crush lipstick, sugar crush lipstick, or pink crush colour.

Use our Colour Crush™ Lipsticks whenever you want a pop of colour,

to help smooth and hydrate lips or perhaps you’re just after a little lift.

Pucker up.

  • Pigment-packed colour in a tube
  • Rich hydration for lickable lips
  • A subtle but divine scent
  • Enriched with our marula oil


  • x Clear selection

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